Staff structure

The Bulletin is split into several offices. Each office is headed by a director and a deputy director. The Office of the Editor is headed by the Editor and the Deputy Editor. Each office recruits members necessary to carry out its task after consulting with the Recruitment Office.

Staff list

Note that if no director for an office is listed, you should contact the Deputy Editor as acting director.

Office of the Editor

  • Deputy Editor Alex Elzenaar

Journalism Office

  • Jason Milne (writer)
  • Josh Bracefield (writer)
  • Tyler Holcroft (writer)
  • Samuel Watkinson (writer)

Archival Office

  • Director Angus West

Advertising and Promotional Materials Office

  • Quizmaster-General Director Callum Beardslee

Advertising Department

  • Director Gavin Thomas

Other staff members not attached to an office

  • Hayden Leete
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