Merry Christmas!

Author: Deputy Editor Alex Elzenaar

Hey, loyal subscribers! Merry Christmas!

Our latest issue, Issue #043 has just been published, so you can go and enjoy that now! And yes, it is about three months later than issue 42. We’ve been busy behind the scenes, and we should be back on track for the New Year’s special next Friday.

We're back!!!

Author: Deputy Editor Alex Elzenaar

Hello, and welcome back. Yes, we didn’t die. And yes, we are going to create more interesting and varied quality content.

Our latest issue, Issue #033, was published a couple of days ago, and the next one will be coming out next Friday, as per normal.

We had our annual General Meeting on Monday, and we’ll publish the results of that in a couple of hours. Suffice to say, the Bulletin is going to expand!

Thanks for staying with us through all this troubled time!

Announcing an extended hiatus of the Bulletin

Author: Deputy Editor Alex Elzenaar

The Tovarishch Bulletin will be going on an extended hiatus until the beginning of next year. This is for multiple reasons, including:

  • Financial issues,
  • Technical issues,
  • Lack of news,
  • Girls are strange, and
  • A new project.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.

The official announcement can be found on Google Drive

Welcome to the new site!

Author: Deputy Editor Alex Elzenaar

Welcome to the Bulletin’s new home on the interwebs! We toiled long and hard to get this up and running for Season 3, and we hope you find it better than the old site (still available for the time being).

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